Uc2844 схема включения

uc2844 схема включения
Пока мне попались две основные не понятные не исправности. Working Voltage (WVDC): Choose a capacitor with a working voltage at least 20% higher than the regulator output voltage. The output channels remain high impedance even without Termpwr applied. All Unitrode products are backed by design and applications teams that understand the interac- tion between the Company’s products and rest of the power system/subsystem.

Работает схема примерно так: при уменьшении на выходе напряжения уменьшается ток через светодиод оптрона, а следовательно уменьшается ток через транзистор оптрона. The SCSI standard recommends active termi- nation at both ends of the cable segment. The UCC5606 is pin for pin compatible wi th Unitrode ‘s other 9 line SCSI terminators, except that DISCNCT is now active low, allowing lower capacitance and lower voltage upgrades to existing systems. Это позволяет улучшить режим стабилизации в процессе регулирования. Unitrode brings a family of products that complements Tl’s existing portfolio. Tl’s worldwide network of service and support increases access to and support for the Unitrode and Benchmarq portfolios.

Our continuing quest to improve everything we do yields better and more reliable products and services for our customers. This notification is followed by failure-mode identification through laboratory analyses such as electrical measurements, optical and electron microscopy, radiography, device deprocessing, microsectioning, spectrometry, and cholesteric liquid-crystal analysis. Other features include negative clamping on all signal lines, 20mA of active negation sink current capability, regulator current limiting, and thermal shut- down protection. Напряжение на этом выводе сравнивается с образцовым, формируемым внутри ИС. Результат сравнения модулирует скважность выходных импульсов, стабилизируя, таким образом, выходное напряжение ИП. C/S: сигнал ограничения тока. The UC5613 provides a disconnect feature which, when opened or driven high, disconnects all terminating resistors and disables the regulator greatly reducing standby power.

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